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We provide heavy duty kennels and fence products.

Our objective is to supply the best products at reasonable rates.

Our customers include dog breeders, boarders, pet owners and the farm community. We fabricate custom kennels, specialty gates and various other hard to find fencing products. 

If we can't build it...It can't be built!



Eastern Ontario Gate & Kennel

What ever your needs, kennels, residential fence, temporary construction fence cedar or iron products, You owe it to yourself to talk to us!

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We have a wealth of experience in the fence industry.

We have been involved in projects including federal penitentairy perimeter fence, guard rail (MTO spec), residential, commercial and industrial fence.  Our experience has included chain link, wood, modular iron, P.V.C., high tensile livestock fence, 3 cable guard rail, steel beam guard rail and collision absortion terminals. We have worked on high security projects, CFB Trenton, Correctional Services Canada ( federal  penitentiaries) and Parliment Hill in Ottawa.

We also have regular interaction with suppliers and installers in the industry. Through this network of contacts we are able to keep up with new innovations  and obtain the best price for quality materials.








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